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 Books written by Arnold Mol


• Think New, Live New
• The Need to be Right
• The God I Have Come To Know
• Becoming What You Are
• Creating Winners in the Workplace
• Let's Both Win
• Parenting that Works
• A Man Without Ambition


Think New, Live New

Dink Nuut, Leef Nuut

- The heart is mentioned over 700 times in the Bible. It's the place where who you are takes shape, and finds expression in your tots, emotions, motives and actions. Think New, Live New is a Bible Study guiding you on a journey of self-discovery.

- Arnold combines his personal testimonies and experience as a counsellor and psychologist with the truths from Scripture to lead you to spiritual insight about what motivates your actions. He emphasises the importance of guarding your heart and offers spiritual exercises to strengthen your mind for living abundantly.




The Need to be Right

Die Behoefte om reg te wees

- The need to be right is probably the most powerful driving force in human behaviour. It is a subconscious force that determines our actions and reactions to ourselves and to those we come in contact with. It is at the root of all conflict, whether interpersonal or international.
This need is so strong that even when we are confronted with evidence that we are wrong we either ignore the facts or find reasons to explain them away – and in the process we end up deceiving ourselves.

- In this book Arnold Mol not only identifies the problem but also offers a solution from a biblical perspective on how we can improve our self-image, handle conflict effectively and grow spiritually to the kind of people God wants us to be. Throughout the book he gives numerous examples from everyday life to illustrate the principles he holds forth.




The God I Have Come To Know
… and how it changed my life

Die God Wat Ek Leer Ken Het
…en hoe dit my lewe verander het


Firmly rooted in Scripture, this book is a selection of messages Arnold Mol has taught over the years. Chapters deal with specific topics that are discussed with refreshing honesty and include discussions on God's:

- Sovereignty
- Grace
- Fatherhood
- Glory
and many more

The God I Have Come to Know is a clear and insightful expression of biblical truths about the God Arnold has come to know. These stem primarily from his understanding of God's Word but also from his spiritual experiences and are drawn from his passionate desire to share with his readers the rapturous joy of knowing Christ.




Becoming What You Are
Practical Guidelines for the Christian Life

Jy Kan Word Wat Jy Is
…Praktiese riglyne vir die Christelike lewe


This book is liberating. It sets the believer free to pursue a life of relaxed holiness. Not only does it highlight the believer’s amazing position in Christ, but also shows that spiritual growth is God's responsibility – not ours. The many How to … chapters focus on how to appropriate the abundant resources available to every believer. They do not focus on the effort we have to put in to please the Lord. The book ends with a brief description of the exciting prospect that every believer can look forward to.

It deals with topics like:

- Our position in Christ
- How to grow spiritually
- How to increase your faith
- How to love people you don't like
- How to know God's will for your life
- At last! Glorification

The content is steeped in Scripture references, yet packed with many practical illustrations and applications to everyday life situations that every believer can identify with. If you want to know what it means to be a Christian and how to live a victorious Christian life, this is the book to read.




Creating Winners in the Workplace
Motivating People Towards Excellence


This book takes a refreshing look at management and addresses real issues that companies deal with. In it you will discover how to truly motivate your employees and stimulate their desire for success and excellence. The book provides practical solutions to turn whiners into winners and create a sustainable winning culture in your workplace. It teems with practical examples how managers from every industry imaginable turned their subordinates into winners, as well as stories of those who didn't.

Some Comments about this book:

Having researched widely, it was great to discover that your ideas were the best and most practical on motivating and managing performance of any of the international authors.

Your material is without doubt the best and most practical of all the material I researched – well over a hundred books plus Internet!
Bruno Bruniquel
MD Bruniquel & Associates
IR HR and Training Consultants

I cannot recommend this book and the man who wrote it highly enough. If you read only one book on management this year, make sure it is this one.
Peter Flack
Business Turnaround Specialist
Cape Town

As a result of Arnold Mol’s approach we experienced a complete turnaround within 3 months, 400% up on production and cutting labour time by one-third.
Dr Wynand Louw
MD Aqualine

We benefited more from Arnold Mol’s seminar, than from a consulting visit by a Harvard Business School professor.
Robert Levy
MD Jamaica Broilers
Kingston, Jamaica

The principles Arnold Mol presents in this book have had a major impact on the success and the sustained profitability of my company over the past 25 years.
Robert Stodel
CEO Stodels Nurseries
Cape Town




Let's Both Win
Building a partnership for life

Kom ons Wen Saam
Bou aan liefde vir 'n leeftyd


The quality of a marital relationship is not measured by the absence of conflict, but rather by the way it is handled. This book is a positive, practical guide, based on biblical principles, that will help couples to truly connect with each other. Its conversational tone, day-to-day applications and exercises are extremely user-friendly.

Topics covered are:
• sources of conflict
• temperament differences
• joint decision-making
• communication
• emotional needs of husbands and wives

This book will help you navigate the choppy waters of marital conflict and turn your relationship into a win-win partnership. It has also been published in England, Holland and Hungary.



Parenting that Works
A practical guide to parenting

Ouerskap wat Werk
…'n Praktiese gids tot ouerskap


All parents want their children to be confident, intelligent, attractive and well behaved. However, most parents are of the opinion that they will never succeed! For them in particular there is good news: you can raise children successfully.

The book is characterised by numerous practical illustrations; many of them from the Mol family.

It deals with topics like:
• Developing a healthy self-image
• Shaping your child’s behaviour
• Developing your child’s intelligence
• Enhancing physical appearance and abilities
• Teaching your child to relate to God
• Avoiding the teenage rebellion

It is a hands-on guideline for parents with the emphasis on practical how-to. Academic students will not benefit much since the focus is not on behavioural theory.



A Man Without Ambition
The Life Story of Arnold Mol


"A Man Without Ambition" is Arnold's life story; from a very humble beginning to becoming a well-known figure throughout South Africa. He starts off by describing the dramatic circumstances surrounding his birth in war-torn Holland. He tells of his move to South Africa, his teenage struggles and mischievous escapades, his student capers, his romances and how he eventually found his true love, Joy to whom he has been married for more than 43 years.

The tales of his travels, his dismal effort as a missionary in South America and how he got fired from his first job are captivating. Arnold also describes his various career moves, and how he eventually ended up as a professor at the University of South Africa.

It is clear that God has had His hand on Arnold and has directed his path at every stage. "A Man Without Ambition" is a heart-warming story of a life well-lived. It will serve as an inspiration and encouragement to all who want to live a life of significance and fulfilment.


Other Books:
(now out of print)

• Creating Win-Win Relationships
• Help I'm a Manager
• The Myths of Management
• Motivating Your Farm Labourer
• Us against the Problem
• Parenting isn't Child’s Play
• 101 Ways to Steal your Wife’s/Husband’s Heart
  (co-authored with his wife)

 DVD series


" Help! I'm a Manager."
This series focuses on the most crucial element of productivity, namely, people.

"Help! Ek is 'n Bestuurder."
Hierdie reeks fokus op die belangrikste element van produktiwiteit, naamlik, mense.

This series consists of five videos or five DVD's
of about 40 minutes each:

Video 1: The beliefs of managers
Video 2: What is motivation?
Video 3: Measuring results
Video 4: Stimulating innovation
Video 5: Responsibility and recognition

The yardstick of leadership is how successful a manager's subordinates are. But that is easier said than done.

• How do I create job satisfaction for my employees?
• How do I set objectives with my subordinates?
• How do I delegate responsibility without losing control?
• How do I get my staff to think creatively?
• How do I deal with an underachiever?
• What kinds of rewards have the greatest motivational

Arnold Mol discusses these issues and many others, giving numerous practical examples from South African organisations. The subject matter is based on South African culture, people and business.

For the purpose of these videos the word "manager" is used in a very broad sense. It includes anybody who has the responsibility of supervising the work of others, regardless of whether the job title is gang boss, matron, principal, section head, chief typist or managing director.

Price per series: R 4 600.00 (VAT inclusive)
These can be ordered directly from Dr Mol.


How to Order:

Contact Mr Charl Jooste at  084 424 1226, or write to:
* Please mention the specific name of the CD.

Marriage Relationships:

Choosing a marriage partner how to avoid future heartache.
Understanding your own and your partner’s basic temperament.
Typical temperament behaviour in a marriage.
Communication and Conflict-handling How to fight properly with your partner.
The wife of a happy husband – practical hints for wives.
The husband of a happy wife – practical hints for husbands.
The seven languages of love – what does your partner want?
Coping with interpersonal friction – how to criticise without arguing.

Parent-Child Relationships:

Everybody wants to be somebody – how we became what we are.
How to develop your child’s self-esteem – giving them self-confidence.
Shaping your child’s behaviour – discipline and training.
Developing your child’s intelligence – how to stimulate their thinking.
Helping your child to develop physically.
Teaching your child to walk with God (Joy Mol).
Coping with teenagers – how to avoid the “war zone”.
Motivating pupils in the classroom – for school teachers.

Personal Growth:

Talk sense to yourself – coping with negative emotions.
Coping with anger – how to avoid and express anger.
Self-image – the influence of your self-concept on your behaviour.
The need to be right.

Understanding God's Word:


The position and practice of a believer – what you are and can become.
Justification – how to become righteous in God's sight.
Sanctification – practical hints on how to grow spiritually.
What is faith? – practical hints on how to increase your faith.
Love is not a feeling – how to love people you don’t like.
Scriptural praying – how to pray more effectively.
God's will for my life – how to live day-by-day in the will of God.
Coping with crises – how to live a victorious christian life.
What gives christians the right to say they are right?
Coping with guilt – both the state of guilt and feelings of guilt.
Effective Quiet Time – developing a love relationship with Jesus.
What were you thinking? How emotions override common sense.
How much does God owe us?
Things God cannot say – because of who He is

The battle for the mind – the intellectual basis of our faith.
The most important theme in the Bible – God's glory.
God's commitment to His people – He will not give up on us.
The pain and joy of forgiving – how to set yourself free.
Amazing Grace – something that cannot be understood.
Is the Bible the Word of God?
Is the complete Bible the complete Word of God?
Spiritual Victory (Parts 1&2) – practical hints on overcoming.
A man and his temptations.
Overcoming fear – breaking the paralysing bondage
Our covenant God – He doesn’t break His promises
Hell – is it real?
What it must be like to be God – understanding His feelings.
Why Jesus had to be born of a woman.
The Fatherhood of God – the perfect example of a good parent.
How to be an effective witness – without doing much talking.
But God …. – God's interventions in our affairs.
Two sons and a father – which boy was the bigger problem?
Eternal Security – can a christian lose his/her salvation?
The Ministry of the Holy Spirit – baptism, filling and fullness.
The Scandal of Grace – it is just not fair.
The paradox of Christmas – things that cannot be explained.
Man’s Greatest Problem – and we cannot explain it away.
Our Father’s Love – something we will never understand.
Modern-Day Idolatry – we are living like pagans.
Breaking the Strongholds – becoming truly free
The Christian’s Identity – what you are determines what you do.
Assurance of Salvation – overcoming the doubts
Satan’s Favourite lies – and how we fall for them
Pleasing God – is it really possible?.
Immanuel – God with us here on earth?
The Wedding of all weddings – something to look forward to

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