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About Joy Mol





"She spent 24 years
bringing up three children
(and one husband)"

Joy Mol went to school in Zimbabwe, East London and Bloemfontein, and then studied at the Teachers' Training College in Bloemfontein. She is a schoolteacher and has taught for a number of years. After that she spent 24 years bringing up three children (and one husband). She loves working with children and for a number of years she was a Sunday School teacher and led a Good News Club in her home. She also initiated the commencement of several such clubs in Pretoria, teaching and encouraging mothers how to conduct such clubs in their homes.

Since 1978 she and Arnold have conducted more than 150 family life weekend seminars throughout Southern Africa, as well as in Europe. She has co-authored a book with him: "101 Ways to Steal Your Wife's Heart". She has recently published a book for children, Grammy’s Treasure Chest. She is a frequent speaker at women's forums dealing with topics of marriage, parenting, relationships, and spiritual enrichment.

For more than 30 years she has led a weekly Bible Study for women of different cultures and denominations and spends a good deal of her time counselling women on spiritual and family problems. She is currently teaching a weekly Bible Study for International ladies, mainly from the embassies. She finds it exciting to know that 14 different countries have been reached through this Bible study. Together with Arnold she has participated in several TV programmes as well as numerous radio programmes. She is an accomplished musician and was part of a singing group, called the “Shalom Singers".

She has three married children, Michael and Duane, both medical doctors, and Colette who is a counselling psychologist in Pennsylvania. Joy is also a 'Grammy' of ten precious grandchildren, who are the light of her life.



Being a Woman
Children, Motherhood and being a Granny
The Cup of Life Seminar - Coping with life's emotions

Don't miss this! "How to make your spouse deliriously happy"
- A talk presented by Joy and Arnold Mol

Being a Woman

1. A woman of mystique

2. A woman of worth

3. The friendships of a woman
4. The strength of a woman
 - How to develop her beauty, style, energy, attitude
   and spirituality
 - How to become the woman you’ve always wanted
   to be
 - How to find a friend, be a friend, and keep a friend
 - Comparing a strong woman with a woman
   of strength


1. The alluring mistress
2. The husband of a happy wife

3. The wife of a happy husband
 - How to be exciting for your husband
 - Understanding the emotional needs of your wife
   and how to meet them
 - Understanding the emotional needs of your
   husband and how to meet them

Children, Motherhood and being a Granny

1. Leading your child to Christ

2. Mother mania

3. Mother/daughter relationships
4. Teaching your child to walk with God

5. Glamorous grannies
 - How to teach a toddler the truth of the
   Gospel by using a wordless book
 - Looking at the role of a mother and the
   impact she can make & how to meet them
 - Learning to enjoy one another
 - Making family devotions exciting
   for toddlers
 - The impact a grandmother can have on
   the life of her grandchildren

The Cup of Life Seminar - Coping with life's emotions

1. The Precious Cup
2. The Cluttered Cup
3. The Broken Cup
4. The Full Cup
 - Learning to accept who we are
 - Learning to forgive those who hurt us
 - Learning to deal with our emotional pain
 - Learning how to give of ourselves to others

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