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  Annie Sealy-Emmanuel,
Head of Department - Electrical & Electronics Studies

I was sent to this seminar by the management of my organization. I did not have any idea what to expect. All I can say is that I am so happy I was given this opportunity. I have been for three years indicating on my performance appraisal the need for training in motivating the staff in my department. Now I feel armed with the tools to take on this task and confident that I will do a good job. But first I will start with me, in the belief that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
  Celeste Burton,
Director of Training Promotion & Development

This seminar was an eye opener. The new perspective from which the concepts of management and leadership were viewed was absolutely refreshing. I recommend this seminar to all leaders, managers, parents and spouses. The ideas present a challenge but I think they are worth the investment. Excellent Job Arnold!
  Barbara Ann Leon,
Office Manager

It was an honour to sit under such a well versed instructor. I think Dr. Arnold Mol can turn the world upside down with his way of conducting a seminar. He has certainly made a winner out of me. Has changed my style of management. This will stay with me for the rest of my life. I will also take the instructions into my work place and make winners out of my co-workers. Thank you again for such a wealth of knowledge.
  Neil Verdant,
Senior Engineer

A lot of the information I have already read in books. What Dr. Mol did for me is show me how I can implement these strategies to effectively manage and motivate my team to unleash their hidden potential.
  Sylvester Vital,
Director of Technical Services

The presentation was excellent and the content was spot on. It may be the best management seminar that I have to been to and I have been to quite a lot. The material really challenged traditional approaches in ways with which I totally agree.
  Brenda Cozier,
Executive Assistant Manager

Dr Mols presentation was nothing short of inspiring. Our group was made up of managers with years of experience directing the activities of major companies here in St Lucia. They can be a tough audience to say the least, but Dr Mol completely captured them with his energy, conviction and the undeniable truth of his message. Terrific! He certainly made me take a new approach on my interaction with those around me in my professional and personal life. His seminar topics are a valuable tool to large or small businesses alike.
  Fastus Serieux,
Station Officer

To be honest, it was good, I mean really really good. The facilitator, so resourceful, so fantastic, so dynamic, so motivating, extremely charismatic in his delivery. Think I’m lost on words - No Joke. I learned so much and I am willing to help my department succeed. I have to wish Milestone Development all the best as they continue to shape up the work environment through individuals throughout the world.
  Travish Harry,
Purchasing Manager

I am amazed by the knowledge of Professor Arnold Mol. He possesses the communication skills and ability to inspire others to believe in what he teaches. He opened doors to a whole new light on managing people in the workplace. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for training in management or even relationship and marriage help.
  Nancy Joseph,
Human Resource Manager

Dr. Arnold Mol was exceptional. The content and structure of the workshop was excellent and well organized. You cannot attend this seminar and not change not only your way of thinking but your approach to the management of your subordinates. You will have an amazing experience learning how you create winners in your organization and the pivotal role you play as the manager of those winners.
  Lyton A. Lamontagne,
Managing Director

This seminar has been an eye opener in terms of your tools and resources in the work place and business. No one in business or is a manager should ever miss such seminars. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  Martha Mathurin,
Human Resource Officer

Creating Winners in the Workplace was indeed a two day transformational experience! Dr Mol offers a radical, refreshing approach that centers on Motivational Leadership which engages employees by giving them “an experience of success”. This is definitely a programme that should not be missed by any aspiring manager. This was a very practical and timely seminar for the management team of the ECFH group. I would recommend for new and experienced managers who want to sharpen their management acumen.
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